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Excerpt from House on the Hill, by Mary Schaller '61

“Founded in 1832 by St. Madeline Sophie and approved by Pope Leo XII and his successors, the Children of Mary originally was a congregation of lay women, many of them former students of the Sacred Heart, who sought to take the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart into the secular world and to have a closer and more perfect union with the Heart of Christ through the mediation of his Mother, Mary the Mediatrix of All Graces” [The RIDGEWAY 1960, Archives]. Membership in the E de M was considered the pinnacle of a student’s career in a Sacred Heart school. After four years of sodality memberships in the Aloysians and the Angels, the E de M aspirant was awarded a beautiful Children of Mary medal, originally struck in 1824, with the Sacred Heart on one side and the Immaculate Conception on the obverse with the motto “Cor meum jungatur vobis” encircling the Sacred Heart. A member was then allowed to write the initials “E de M” after her name. Stone Ridge’s yearbooks always denoted the seniors who were members of the Children of Mary sodality in this fashion from the first “Memory Book of 1946 until the 1963 RIDGEWAY. The last time that the members of all three Upper School sodalities were pictured in the RIDGEWAY was 1968 when the in-school sodalities were dropped. [INTERCOM/ALUMNAE NEWS, Vol. 37, Numbers 5-7, The Traditions Issue, 2007, page 4].

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